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Mechanical Systems, Inc. seeks out projects our competitors traditionally avoid. We specialize in the unusual, the difficult, the challenging. We enjoy projects that use our organizational and engineering skills to satisfy both building owners and their tenants.

One project involved replacing the heating and air conditioning system of a 60s-era eight-story office building. Although renovations of this magnitude are rare, the building's inefficient HVAC system justified a state-of-the-art replacement. To keep the building open during normal business hours, our crews worked nights for nearly nine months. We succeeded on all fronts. Dividing the project into half-floor sections, we kept the original system operational and added a temporary chiller. Our crews followed a rigorous schedule--we shut down the entire system at the beginning of each shift and finished work every morning by 6 a.m. Even under these constraints, Mechanical Systems completed the project on time and within the budget of $820,000.

In another challenging renovation, Mechanical Systems replaced an aging central plant serving a four-building government complex. Our client required that buildings remain operational during the project. Restricted access to the central plant--inconveniently located in the basement--further complicated our task. As the job progressed, circumstances tested Mechanical Systems' ingenuity. To remove the concrete pads supporting the chillers, we hired a crane to lower a manned backhoe into the basement. The project schedule pushed into high gear when one of the building's two chillers stopped functioning just as the other was being replaced. Complications aside, Mechanical Systems finished the renovation in six months and within the budget of $725,000.

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